Is being worth $10 million USD considered ‘rich’?

Let’s take a look at exactly what $10 million really is…

The highest U.S. currency bill is currently $100. The minimum wage of a United States is about $10/hour (very good for minimum wage! Meaning people working at McDonalds to janitors make at least $10/hour). Usually, the average shift consist of about 8 hours. That’s around $80 a day.

Given that most people that make minimum wage work 6 days a weak, that’s just over $400 a week. So, the average American minimum wage worker is making about $1,600 a month! (Not wealthy by any means)

In an affordable town and affordable housing, it’s usually around $500 for rent plus the additional necessities of living including paying electrical bills, water bills and sewage bills on top of food and travel expenses (gas, car payments)

For a minimum wage worker, they’re justttt making the cut, so not rich by any means.

Not considered “richest” by any means.

But $10-million? Hold up… That’s a different story! It would take the average Americanb 100 years of hard labor to get just 10% off that! Not to mention taxes, expenses and leisure.

If you have $10 MILLION, you are RICH! But how rich? Not as much as you would want to comfortably by a lambo and a yacht and some more exquisite things you see in the movies. That’s what billionaires do.

But $10 MILLION is rich by every extent of the word. Most people consider that amount of money too much to spend in a life time. You could get a very nice place in a great, beautiful area for around $2,000+/month plus the initial, say, $500,000-$700,000 down. And STILL have nearly your original $10 MILLION you started with.

From there, you could buy a garage of nice cars ranging from Range Rovers to Lambos to other highly sought after cars!

You could spend a MILLION bucks on cars and still be richer than 90% of the American population.

If that’s not considered rich, I don’t know what is.

$10 MILLION = 1,000,000 $100 bills.
$10 MILLION = 10,000,000 $1 bills.

If you go to an average American town, you’ll find most the population fussing over the gas prices ($3-$4/gallon) and how expensive food is ($5/sandwich). Is that going to be a problem for you?

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